When I was young, I wanted to be a scientist, a professional astronomer. I would have liked to discover something really new physical phenomenon within the science of astronomy or to find a new celestial body at least... So I was an enthusiastic amateur astronomer and also gave lectures on astronomy to everybody, from pupils to retired enquirers in the Public Observatory of Miskolc (Hungary) for roughly 20 years.

But it was destined to me for not beeing astronomer; so I became a mechanical engineer instead. At the same time, my interest remained the same, even more, is turning back to the direction of my old/new hobby again nowadays.

Regarding my attitude written above, as a mechanical engineer, I want to help astronomers and anybody else who can have a chance to realize the dreams of my childhood. That is why, together with my friends, I try to find and develop new observing tools, new methodologies, new gadgets both for advanced amateurs and professional astronomers.

If I could not fulfill my desires in astronomy, want to help the others at least, as much as I can, improving our global knowledge that we have about our really wonderful world... And back to the schools again to pique childrens' interest for astronomy and global thinking!

Attila Madai
Attila Madai, CEO
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